Rainbow Fantasy Items Come to Zoo Paradise

Mon, Jul 5, 2010

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CrowdStar has released a new item theme in Zoo Paradise, and it comes in the form of “Rainbow Fantasy.” This theme contains multiple rainbow-themed animals, like the “My Little Unicorn,” a white unicorn with rainbow colored hair, a Rainbow Zebra and Tiger, both with multi-colored stripes, a Rainbow Toucan with a rainbow beak, and a Rainbow Giraffe with multi-colored spots.

To house these new animals, you’ll need the “Rainbow Puff Habitat.” It costs 78 Facebook Credits, or around the equivalent of $8 US. Meanwhile, the animals themselves cost anywhere from 32 Facebook Credits ($3.20) for the Rainbow Toucan to 62 Facebook Credits for the Unicorn. That’s around $6, for those who would be interested in purchasing it.

The animals vary not only in their prices, but also in the amount of coins they earn, and the amount of visitors they attract, but regardless of which animal you choose to purchase, they all earn around 235 coins and attract somewhere around 20 visitors.

As these animals (and their home) are limited edition items, they are limited in their quantity of availability in the game’s store. As of this writing, the Unicorn and Rainbow Zebra are the two most limited items, at 1722 and 1769 units remaining, respectively. To purchase any item from this theme, make sure to head over to the game’s page while they’re still available.

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