Raft Pirates Will Rob You in Your Sleep

Thu, Feb 28, 2013

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Despite rare exceptions in literature and cinema, pirates are not generally known for being polite or playing fair. So, when someone like TriplePoint client 6waves releases a new pirate-themed MMO, Raft Pirates, and promises a persistent world, that’s a double-edged sword: your loot doesn’t stay safe just because you’re not logged in. If you don’t pay attention to your in-game defenses, there’s nothing to stop other players from plundering your stash while you’re asleep. And pirates didn’t even have No-Doz or Red Bull! Man, piracy is hard.

From the press release:

Dive into the mean seas in search of weapons, resources, blueprints, maps, diamonds, and gold. All of those materials are needed to protect your ship against an onslaught of 25 different bosses across five zones, and, more perilous still, the wrath of other players! More weapons mean more dice rolls for a higher chance to damage enemy ships, and more power to defend the ship while the captain is offline.

In the true spirit of piracy, Raft Pirates can be stolen from the App Store without paying for it. It’s free, is what I mean. Also, we got through this whole article without saying “MMO-arr-PG.” Wait — damn it!

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