Quick, Saucy Action in Plates! for iPhone: A Frisky Hands-On

Sat, Aug 21, 2010

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Yesterday in our iPhone Game Review wrap-up, we took a look at Plates! for the iPhone, a quick action arcade game that involves squirting certain sauces on specific plates in a frantic manner. Thanks to the developer, we were able to take a look at the game ourselves and would like to share a more in-depth look into Plates!

As I’ve quickly explained, the concept in Plates! is relatively simple: Squirt different sauces onto the plates that slide down a conveyor belt as it goes by. Squirt the wrong sauce onto the wrong plate and you will accumulate a strike. Get 5 strikes, and it’s game over. Remember my article about Monster Dash yesterday? Well, think of it as having that sort of setup, but instead of fighting monsters, you’re putting sauce on plates. If you lose, you just simply have to restart but it does support OpenFeint leaderboards to allow you to compete with friends.

Plates! features fast-paced action that is best described as being “frantic.” To start with, the conveyor belts move slowly to allow you to gain your bearings and figure out what kind of sauce goes on which dish. Once you hit around the 500 score mark, the conveyors start picking up speed and certain dishes start mixing with one another, requiring two separate sauces per dish. At around 1000, the conveyors are really picking up speed and the dynamite hot dogs are added. If you touch those, it’s an instant game over. To help calm things slightly, there are Star Plates that appear and will automatically clear all plates on the table to ease your beating heart. Combos can also be amassed by squirting plates with like-dishes on them in succession.

Overall, Plates! offers frantic action that’ll keep your heart beating faster than you can chew. Don’t be put off by the difficulty, it becomes much easier once you become accustomed to the controls and the game’s patterns. If you’d like to check out Plates! for yourself, be sure to download it from the App Store for only 99¢.

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