Quality Rules Mobile Apps Over Quantity, Says Mplayit

Thu, Jan 14, 2010

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The iPhone App Store has well over 100,000 selections to choose from, compared to roughly 20,000 for the Android, and less than 5,000 for the Blackberry. Mplayit, a social merchandiser of mobile apps, claims this discrepancy is immaterial; so long as users have a few reliable apps to choose from, the rest are just clutter. The company’s Facebook-enabled app store, which allows users to browse and sample apps across all three platforms, has provided the company with an analysis of the top apps on each device. The data suggests that, despite the availability of many other apps on Apple’s iPhone, the same popular apps — such as Pandora radio and Evernote — are doing well across the board.

Mplayit CEO Michael Powers stated, in a press release, “‘How many apps?’ is the wrong question. People just want to get the job done. It doesn’t matter if there are 50 different to-do list apps on iPhone, because Android or BlackBerry just need a couple of good ones to make consumers happy.”

Mplayit’s Facebook app store offers mobile shoppers a place to compare what’s available for each platform, and claims that it may just indicate the “iPhone is losing its edge in apps.”

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