Quacker’s Mystery Game, German Theme Continues – FarmVille Updates!

Wed, Sep 22, 2010

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The German theme in FarmVille has continued to expand this week with new limited edition items. In addition, the Mystery Game has been updated to the “Quacker’s Mystery Game,” which gives you an opportunity to win some fine feathered friends! Let’s take a look at these new updates in detail.

German Theme Adds New Decorations, Animals, Buildings, and Crop

This newest installment of items in the German theme adds a new crop to the equation, in addition to the expected new animals, buildings and decorations.

The new crop is the Dog Rose, available to users level 24 and above, which comes with a special mastery stipulation, in that you will have had to master Pink Roses before you can grow the Dog Rose. Once that is completed, you’ll be able to grow the Dog Rose for 105 coins per square. You’ll gain a single experience point for each square of the roses that you plant, and you can harvest them after 10 hours for 190 coins per square.

The Dog Rose can be mastered, with the three stars of mastery coming at 550, 1100, and 1700 squares harvested. The Dog Rose will apparently be available in the game until October 20, so if you have yet to start the Pink Roses, you might still have a chance to master both within the month you have left.

Moving on, the new animal is the Chamois, a type of goat-antelope species that would traditionally be found in the high mountains or Europe. It costs 14 Farm Cash to add to your farm, and it can be harvested from every 3 days.

The new buildings are the Breakfast House and the Clock Tower. The Breakfast House costs 42 Farm Cash, while the Clock Tower can be purchased for 280,000 coins. For making such a large splurge, you’ll be rewarded with 2800 experience points.

Finally, the new decorative items come in the form of two premium items and two standard items. The House Bridge costs 32 Farm Cash, while the Cruise Boat costs 30 Farm Cash. Meanwhile, the Barrel Tub (complete with sheep covered in bubbles) costs 120,000 coins, and a large Oak Tree costs 90,000 coins.

All of these items will remain available in the game for the next 12 days.

Mystery Game Now Offers Feathered Friends as Prizes

I hope you played the Rainbow edition of the Mystery Game until you were content, because it is now gone, only to be replaced with a new version, offering six different kinds of birds as the prize.

The Mystery Game costs 16 Farm Cash to play – here are the new prizes:

  • Bird of Paradise
  • Black Barn Owl
  • Guinea Fowl
  • Love Bird
  • Pied Peacock
  • Roseate Spoonbill

This version of the Mystery Game will only be available for seven days, so be sure to head over to FarmVille on Facebook as soon as you can if you want a chance at receiving them all.

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