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Mon, Jun 3, 2013

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As much fun as we’ve had with the new Facebook iteration of horticultural tower defense game Plants vs. Zombies — namely, Plants vs. Zombies Adventures — we’ve continued to hungrily desire the full-fledged sequel that PopCap announced a while back. It’s the sort of game we could easily see ourselves shuffling across a crowded lawn to consume. Well, some tantalizing details have been released today by EA (spotted over on Eurogamer) and PopCap, and while some things we expected (such as new plants and new zombies, obviously), some things were surprising:

  • The game is free-to-play
  • The game will be initially exclusive to iOS
  • The game has touch-screen-based powerups
  • Pirates

So, that’s different. Plants vs. Zombies was originally a PC title, true, but then, so was Bejeweled, and look how that’s done on mobile platforms. Having the game be free-to-play, though; I did not see that coming. I’m definitely curious now as to what will be free and what will be premium. As for the pirates, well, that’s part of the full game title; Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time. This game sees off-balance plant enthusiast Crazy Dave taking his anti-zombie campaign through time, fending off the undead in ancient Egypt, the wild West, and in times of piracy, so — pirates. Zombie pirates.

Also, a new trailer, and a release date: July 18th. Insert these facts into your BRAAAAINS.

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