PvP Comic Addresses the Concept of Social Games as True Video Games

Mon, May 10, 2010

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A few years ago, if you asked someone what a “gamer” was, images of pasty-faced young boys covered in orange Cheeto dust, drinking Mountain Dew in their mother’s dark, damp basement probably would’ve been pretty standard. So too, then, did the stereotypes of “gaming” being nothing other than running and jumping and shooting bad guys become the norm. However, with the massive boom in social and casual gaming, the ideas associated with “gaming” as a whole have changed.

But do the players of social and casual games consider themselves part of the group? Or, perhaps more importantly, do games like FarmVille or Pet Society actually “count” as video games? It’s a topic that could become fairly heated rather quickly, and artist Karl Kershel’s recent guest comic strip on PvP has addressed it in a humorous light.

We’ve attached the comic strip below, for your viewing pleasure, but while you take a few seconds to laugh at a situation that many can probably relate to, take a second to let us know in the comments – If the only games you play rest on Facebook or MySpace, do you still consider yourself a “gamer?” Why or why not? We’ve love to hear your thoughts on the subject!

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  • http://twitter.com/Aggilus Angel Ramos

    A game is an entretainment activity. Therefore a videogame is a game played in video. So I'm a gamer either risk, uno cards, video game or facebook. game. However the social games are not my thing because the interaction level and pace they have. I´d rather play Little big planet or ferrari challenge between some Dead Space session than a farmville afternoon.

    On the other hand my wife is addicted to Farmville even though she loves Mario and the Wii

    Best regards