Puzzle Quest 2: Mage Trainer Now Playable on Facebook

Fri, Apr 30, 2010

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We’ve brought you news concerning the Xbox Live Arcade and Nintendo DS game Puzzle Quest 2 before, but this news might be the best thing yet, other than actually get our hands on the final game, that is. Yesterday, D3Publisher announced the launch of Puzzle Quest 2: Mage Trainer, a fully self-sufficient Facebook application that allows you to play a demo of the upcoming title.

For those who are unfamiliar with the game’s setup, Puzzle Quest can be most easily described as “Bejeweled but with combat.” It is set in a fantastical world of magic and fantasy, where you’ll find yourself going up against all manner of monster in battle. Battles take place on what appears to be a standard match-3 puzzle grid. However, instead of simply making any match you’d like, you are aiming to create matches with the skull pieces, which do damage to your enemy’s health.

Likewise, making matches of the colored orbs is for more than just show, as they add to your mana reserves, with magical skills being available to use by spending this stored mana.

The demo contains a character from the Sorcerer character class, which is new to this installment in the game, while the entire demo itself serves as a bit of a prequel to the final product. That is, the Mage Trainer isn’t simply a “one-and-done” demo of a battle of the game – it’s an more in-depth experience that sees you leveling up by winning battles.

Additionally, you’ll face more than one kind of monster in the Mage Trainer, as enemies like Orcs and Goblins are available to fight along the way. As you play the Mage Trainer, you’ll be given the opportunity to invite your friends to play the game as well, but any other instances of “wall spamming” seem to be nonexistent at this point.

Puzzle Quest 2 will be coming to Xbox Live Arcade and the Nintendo DS sometime this summer. If you’re like me and simply can’t wait that long to jump back into the gameplay of the first title, head over to the Mage Trainer game page on Facebook and get your fix there.

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