Puzzle & Dragons to Puzzle and Drag through Europe

The last time we checked up on runaway mobile hit Puzzle & Dragons, we mentioned the game was raking in over $3.7 million every day. That’s an amazing figure, mind you, and impressive for any game, but here’s something you need to understand — that amount is based on P&D‘s audiences in Japan and the United States. The game isn’t even out in Europe yet. Well, according to a story on Businessweek (via Inside Social Games), GungHo is taking the next logical step and bringing the game to European audiences next.

Just to remind you, this is a game that has been downloaded 13 million times in Japan alone — a number representing 10% of the entire country’s population. Extrapolate that number to the US, EU, and I don’t know maybe Brazil. Think about how many magic stones that represents. Think about how much money there is to have in a successful AAA game on a console or PC these days.

This is why every single gaming convention and trade show these days keeps being all about mobile.

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