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Fri, Apr 30, 2010

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Yesterday evening, Playdom launched a fairly large update in Social City, that sees the introduction of vehicles to the game, as well as a slew of new items. First, when you log into the game, take a look at your town’s newspaper to see two new limited edition buildings – a 1950′s Diner and a Toy Store.

The 1950′s Diner will set you back a fairly large price – 59 City Bucks, while the Toy Store costs far less at 25 Bucks. As they are limited edition items, there are only so many to go around, and at the time of this writing, you’ll have to beat 10,000 other users to purchasing one of the Diners, and more than 19,500 to get your virtual paws on a Toy Store.

Meanwhile, pay close attention to your city streets and, depending on the buildings you already have placed in your town, you may notice that vehicles are now driving around your city’s streets (for instance, if you have a Schoolhouse in your town, a School Bus will be hitting the roads). Playdom claims that new buildings will unlock new vehicles on your streets as well, and we’re willing to wager they’d be the following two.

A Used Car Dealership is the cheapest of the two items, priced at just 25,000 coins, while those who wish to show off their more luxurious side can purchase a Sports Car Dealership for 39 City Bucks. The Used Car Dealership gives off 1,250 Happiness Points for your town, while the Sports Car lot offers 14,000.

While you’re browsing through the game’s store, take note of the new “i” in the corner of all of the item panes. Clicking this will give you more information about the item, including a diagram of how many squares it takes up, it’s build time, how many coins you receive when collecting from it (cleaning it), and how often you’ll need to do so, among other stats.

Likewise, make sure to pay close attention to the Terrain section of the shop, as you’ll see other new items that are now available to build in your town, namely four Fir Forest items, appropriately named Fir Forest 1-4. These items give off either 1,000 or 3,000 Happiness Points when placed in your town, and they cost either 12,000 or 30,000 coins to build.

Quite the update, eh? To see all of the new items and features for yourself, put the pedal to the medal and head over to the Social City game page now.

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