Put on Your Work Gloves and Hard Hat – There’s a Tahiki Hut in PetVille to Build!

Thu, Jun 10, 2010

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As we told you earlier in the week, Zynga has been hard at work adding Tahiki Huts to PetVille, and, lucky us, those huts are now live in game to build and enjoy!

As we speculated, the Hut must be built by collecting ingredients – 5 units of 5 different ingredients to be exact, for a total of 25 items. You’ll be collecting Bamboo, Coconuts, Tiki Timber, Monkeys (construction workers) and Monkey Wrenches.

There are multiple ways to go about accumulating these ingredients. You can either purchase them outright for Pet Cash, or you can wait for your friends to send them to you as free gifts, with each player having access to two of the five items via their free gifts menu, as seen below.

Perhaps the best way to earn these ingredients though is by using the game’s “Ask for more” feature, which allows you to choose a particular ingredient and send reverse gift requests to your friends, asking them to send you a particular item, rather than you sending them one first. If you have a large group of active neighbors, simply asking five of them for one of each of the ingredients will have you stepping foot into your new Tahiki Hut in no time at all.

Like with the Magic Door to Tahiki, there is no limit here on sending more than one request to a friend in a day, so if you’d like, feel free to send all of your requests at once, to make it easier for your friends to help you by clicking on them in bulk via the game’s messaging center.

As you reach certain checkpoints, like 10% complete (as one example), you’ll be able to post the news to your wall as both a plea for help for more items, and as a way for your friends to secure a free ingredient for themselves by clicking on the link provided there.

Once you complete the Hut, you’ll have an appropriately themed way to escape from the hot sun in Tahiki, and a new room to decorate until your heart’s content with various goodies, whether Tahiki in theme or otherwise. So what are you waiting for? Head over to the game’s page to start building your very own Tahiki Hut today!

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