Put On Your Wizard Hat and Take a Gander at New Happy Island Attractions

Wed, Jun 30, 2010

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There are four new items available for your shopping pleasure in CrowdStar’s Happy Island – two attractions, and two decorations.

For the attractions, fans of wizards and magic will love the Wizard School and Wizard Field, which seem to be subtle nods to the lore of Harry Potter. Both are limited edition attractions, available to purchase for 55 Facebook Credits each, or the equivalent of $5.50 US. Even though both collect the same amount of coins (1900) before requiring a cash out, and even though they both cost the same amount of premium currency, the Wizard School is much more limited, available to just under 800 people, as of this writing, while the Wizard Field is still available to around 1600.

Meanwhile, the two decorations stand alone in terms of theme. The Cat Tail Lake is available to users above level 22 for 14,000 coins, while the Dragon Statue is available to users for 25 Facebook Credits, or $2.50 US.

While the two decorative items will be around (apparently) indefinitely, make sure to pick up the Wizard-themed attractions before they sell out, should they interest you.

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