Pubbles – A Match Three Puzzler with a Charitable Twist

Thu, May 20, 2010

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Pubbles is the newest game from Japanese developer Ateam Inc. The title is a match three puzzle game with a twist. Not only can you play a demo of the game on Facebook before deciding whether or not to purchase the full PC title, but you can also help your favorite charity through the game’s contests.

As for the game itself, the full PC version contains three game modes: Expert, Relax, and Speed Pop. The Pubbles Facebook game, then, is the title’s Relax mode, allowing you to play the game at your leisure. Gameplay sees you clicking on groups of 3 or more like-colored bubbles. In this way, the game is more like Collapse than Bejeweled, for those who are familiar with both titles.

Each level in Relax mode comes with a bar that must be filled, with larger groups of bubbles filling the bar more with each click than smaller groups. If you can pop a group of more than 6 bubbles, a lightning burst appears, breaking nearby bubbles and giving off point coins. These coins appear on top of the action, and if you can quickly move your mouse on top of them, you’ll grab them, adding to your score. To be clear, grabbing these point coins is entirely voluntary, and you don’t need to click on them to grab them – simply “touch” them with your mouse.

As you continue on, rocks will appear on the game board, which can only be removed by triggering a lightning blast nearby, as the lightning can destroy them. The game ends when you run out of available moves.

After you finish your game, you’ll be given a raffle ticket (you’ll receive two bonus tickets if you can score over 1 million points), with these raffle tickets going into a weekly drawing, held every Wednesday. The drawing itself is called the “Weekly $222 Charity Donation Campaign,” but rather than awarding the winning player with $222, instead, Ateam Inc. will allow the selected player to choose a charity that the company will donate the money to.

If you’d like to try the Facebook version of the game, head over to the app’s page on Facebook. Or, if you’d like to learn more about the game, visit its official website, or check out the video below to see the game in action.

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