Tue, Jul 10, 2012

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We’ve been excited about Papo & Yo ever since last GDC, when we snuck into the demo room being used by TriplePoint client Minority to try out the game. We didn’t really need any more reasons to get impatient for its upcoming release. It looks like we got them anyway, though: today the game got a firm release date — August 14th — and also a whole mess of extra incentives to get it as part of this summer’s PSN PLAY program.

For starters, if you’re a PS PLUS member, the game’s three bucks cheaper, so that’s nice. What’s more, if you pick up Papo & Yo along with any other PSN PLAY title, you get some bonus cash on the PS Store. What’s even more than that, if you pre-order the game on 8/7, you get a Papo & Yo theme for your PS3. So… if you already wanted the game, like us, then I guess nothing changes, except the magnitude of your desire. Sweet!

Read the full details in the press release.

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