PS3 Catching up to Xbox 360 in Overall Sales

Thu, May 20, 2010


As the story goes, many have written off the PS3 being a very strong player in this generation of console hardware, at least for the first year or so. The concern stemmed from the console being extraordinarily high priced, lack of extremely good games, shortages and shifting hype to the Nintendo Wii. However, this generation of consoles is now approaching five years and does not appear to be slowing down any time soon.

While nothing short of a catastrophic disaster can stop the sales of the first place Wii, the latest worldwide sales data shows that the PlayStation 3 is catching up to the Xbox 360 in overall sales. Microsoft had a one year advantage, which should have been enough to secure at least second place for the entire generation, the shortcomings of console failures must have slowed them down quite a bit. In global numbers, the PS3 now sits just 4.4 million shy of Xbox 360 in total consoles sold.

The total install bases are as follows:

Wii – 70.93 million

Xbox 360 – 40.3 million

PS3 – 35.95 million

The difference (and presumably why the PS3 is now catching up) is that Sony has consistently accelerated sales of the PS3 overtime while the Xbox 360′s sales are slowing down, effectively selling at a slower rate than the PS3.

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  • krayziebull9

    This is Great News.

  • Bill Gates

    indeed. great news. :)

  • I_Am_M450n

    In Japan the PS3 has sold 5 to 1 vs the 360 (over 5 million compared to the 360's less barely 1 million). All I'm saying is that this “closing of the gap” doesn't seem so significant if you exclude Japan's typically biased sales.

    On top of that, Japanese gamers are no longer the target gamer and Japanese games have lost their significance. This fact has done the greatest damage to Sony's console sales numbers than even Xbox Live.

    I'm not bashing on the PS3 – I'm just putting things into perspective.

  • Eski

    True about the biased Japs but if you look at the figures for 22 May you will see that the ps3 only sold 6000 less than xbox in the US and 20,000 more in the EMEAA region. But i do think Blu-ray has had a big influence on sales