Pro Cycling Manager Shares a Video of Bike Riding

Thu, May 31, 2012

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Ordinarily, if someone wants to show you their bike-riding movie, it’s about them teaching their child to ride without training wheels, or some exotic vacation video. The folks at TriplePoint client Focus Home Interactive, however, don’t have anything quite so saccharine or sentimental. Instead, they’ve shared their first-ever in-game video of Pro Cycling Manager 2012, showing “detailed cycles and rider models, rich and varied environments, coupled with an incredible draw distance.” Also, bicycles.

The video is right here, so take a look for yourself. I’ll admit it looks pretty sharp, guys, but what’s with the epic music? I got the feeling those cyclists were trying to outrun a wave of lava or a horde of rampaging aliens. Which would be pretty great, mind you.

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