Prepare for Mafia Wars: Bangkok — Choose Triad

Wed, Jan 20, 2010

Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars Bangkok has been listed as coming soon, with three items to find in preparation for its arrival: The Triad Coin, Yakuza Sake, and Thai Note.  The page intimates the faction choice you’ll make will be more determinative (and irreversible) than the choices in Mafia Wars: Moscow which are made with each episode.  You will choose between Triad and Yakuza; the Chinese or Japanese gangs in contest for control of Thailand.

The Triad is the catch all phrase for Chinese Underground.   Tidbits about your new brothers from around the web:  (See and Wikipedia for more information from which the below blockquotes and image was taken.)

General Guanyu, on whose altars you may be initiated


A typical ceremony would take place at an altar dedicated to Guan Yu, the Taoist god of brotherhoods, with incense smoke and a sacrifice of an animal, such as a chicken, pig, or a goat. After drinking a potion composed of wine and the blood of the animal or of the candidate, he would pass beneath an arch of swords while reciting the Triad oaths. The paper on which the oaths are written would then be burned on the altar, to confirm the duty of the member to perform his duty to the gods. Three fingers on the left hand would then be raised as a binding gesture

ORGANIZATION (very top down, so web-like!)

The actual power of triads lies at the ground level of the hierarchy. Usually, a triad “official” (“Red Pole”) leads a group of 15 active members (soldiers), and wields aggression on a turf, a leader with apparent hegemony may not be able to command other leaders; and leaders may sometimes wage war against one another for more benefits.

LEVELS (probably a sneak preview of your Mafia Wars: Bangkok experience):

Mountain Master

Vanguard/Deputy Mountain Master/ Incense Master

White Paper Fan/ Red Pole/Straw Sandal

49ers/Blue Laterns

To learn more about your Triad Brothers, read up at Amazon:

Or, watch the complete “Young and Dangerous” movie set on DVD about life as a Triad in Hong Kong:

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