Practice Hurtful Horticulture in Centipede: Origins

Thu, Jun 21, 2012

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All this time, I believed that a centipede’s origin was the egg it hatched from. Not so, says TriplePoint client Atari; Centipede: Origins is a new iOS and Android game which re-imagines the age-old struggle of a gnome and his garden against the multi-legged menace. I also never knew that the player in the original Centipede was controlling a gnome. Thanks, new high-resolution graphics, for filling me in!

Centipede: Origins joins Atari’s line of re-imagined titles from the glorious days of yesteryear, including Asteroids: Gunner and Breakout: Boost. Not to mention the ongoing Pong Indie Developer Challenge! From the press release:

In this evolution of Centipede, players have all-new weapons and gadgets such as grenades and the memorable mushroom men at their disposal to exterminate the insect invaders. Using coins that may be acquired in-game or through purchase, weapons and gadgets can be fully upgraded for the gnomes to wield in the war against the swarm. Use the latest in technology to help the garden gnomes protect their world from centipedes and bugs!

Sounds like safe gardening fun for all. You can get it here.

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