Powermat Partners With MyTown for Two-Fold Promotion

Powermat, a company specializing in wireless charging stations has announced a partnership with Booyah’s MyTown, the check-in app that has grown to more than 2 million players since its launch.

The promotion between the two companies runs until June 13, and in that time, users who check-in at any supported Powermat retailer (Best Buy, Target, and Bed Bath and Beyond are just three examples) will receive Powermat branded virtual items within the game.

To take the promotion once step further, users are given added incentive to physically interact with the Powermat products in store in the form of a contest that will see all who do so entered to win a Powermat Wireless Charging System for their iPhone, which is otherwise available to purchase for around $70, depending on the retailer.

“Partnering with MyTown offers us a unique opportunity to engage millions of technology savvy consumers with a unique cutting-edge forum,” said Beth Harrison Meyer, Vice President of Global Marketing for Powermat, via a company press release. “Powermat is all about using technology to enhance consumer convenience. With MyTown, we are reaching the most tech savvy consumers right where they live. What could be more convenient than that?”

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