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Tue, Jun 18, 2013

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A new offering is out today from our friends at PowerCloud Systems (a TriplePoint client), the folks behind that router we mentioned with the awesome name and logo. This logo, right here:

Never gets old. The new system, similar to SkyDog, is a platform that lets you manage and micromanage and mobile-micromanage a network, but it’s not just limited to a home router — this one, called TenantWiFi, lets you handle network needs on a complex-wide scale. Described as “ideal for apartment complexes, hospitality properties and multi-tenant retail sites such as malls,” TenantWiFi offers a lot of the same customization and allotment of usage as PowerCloud’s home solutions but where “a shared public access infrastructure makes sense for cost and roaming service reasons.”

From the press release:

“Until today, multi-tenant Wi-Fi solutions were only capable of shared Wi-Fi access without firewalls between tenants and without guaranteed bandwidth,” said Jeff Abramowitz, founder and CEO of PowerCloud Systems. “As a result, tenants in an apartment building wind up with the equivalent of hotel Wi-Fi rather than a private network. The PowerCloud TenantWiFi solution delivers a personalized, secure wireless network to tenants with guaranteed bandwidth. Furthermore, this service can be delivered at less than half the cost of current solutions.”

Me, I’d have named it something else animal-related, like… HospitalityDog, or… or MallRat! Why not MallRat, guys? That would be perfect. Well, still, if you use WiFi from your mobile, or use your mobile to let people use WiFi on mobile, you’re good to go.

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