Power to the People! Republic of Fun Launches Community Portal, Facebook App

Tue, Mar 2, 2010

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TriplePoint client, Republic of Fun just announced a new Facebook app and community portal that aims to engage users through crowdsourcing to make better games.

The portal features internally developed games like Ballistica, as well as Sumo Balls, Manos and Simon Says: Battle! Republic of Fun players are at the heart of the collaborative community effort.

You can read the full press release below with all the revolutionary details (via VerticalWire), but if you really want a feel for what Republic of Fun is doing, check out the company’s epic manifesto:

A spectre is haunting games—the spectre of sameness, staleness, genre and “casual” vs “core” boundaries and ever repeating games we have all played before. Where is the party in opposition to this growing spectre? Where are the brave souls who will stand up in the face of this onslaught?

Here we are dedicated to the ideal of creating games beyond genres, beyond demographics, beyond the predefined norms that have come before. We are dedicated to the great equalizer of games: Fun. Our humble Republic was formed to champion that ideal.

The Republic cannot be limited by national borders. The Republic cannot be contained within genres, or even the broad definitions of “casual” or “core”. The Republic must be a real and palpable example for all our compañeros, and for the others of the world also fighting on other continents for freedom. Freedom against genre-ism, against casualism, against boring-ism, against all forms of oppression by unjust systems.

Above all, the Republic recognizes the great undeniable truth: ALL GAMES ARE EQUAL, BUT SOME GAMES ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS. Welcome to the struggle.

Power to the People! Republic of Fun Launches Community Portal, Facebook App: Indie Publisher to Collaborate with Gamers to Democratize the Industry

RALEIGH, N.C. – March 2, 2010 – Independent developer and publisher Republic of Fun today launched their new Facebook application and community portal as part of their strategy to overthrow the old regime of game development by engaging the hearts, minds and fingers of the people through crowdsourcing their input to make the greatest games of all time.

Using patent-pending technology, the Republic of Fun will collaborate with users through voting, comments and polls to determine the best path for a game’s development, paneling gamers over potential features and design elements. By putting the development in the hands of the gamers themselves, the Republic of Fun is making games for the people – and letting anyone take part in the development process.

“Development has always been in the hands of the big studios or those with the know-how to program on their own,” said Mike Rasmussen, el presidente of Republic of Fun. “We believe that games development shouldn’t just be in the hands of the big-wigs with the big purses – we want to get everyone involved, regardless of nationality, creed or programming expertise!”

Republic of Fun will launch the portal site and Facebook app with a variety of games for community members to examine and vote upon, including internally developed upcoming title Ballistica. Republic of Fun is also planning to publish externally developed titles, and is including Sumo Balls, Manos and Simon Says: Battle! in the initial offering for gamers to collaborate upon.

“We chose to work with Republic of Fun specifically because of their unique development and publishing model, said Jimmy Zimmer from Threshold Games. “Particularly for a title like Sumo Balls, we feel that Republic of Fun’s vibrant and active gaming community can help assure our success in making a game that will be enjoyed by the masses.”

Community members will receive points and be awarded ranks for participating in the discussion via Facebook and the Republic of Fun website. By ranking game content, commenting on games, submitting art and story ideas, voting and inviting friends to the Republic of Fun application, players will gain prestige in the eyes of the Republic. The highest ranked revolutionaries will be eligible for prizes like in-game production credit, t-shirts, iPods and more.

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