Power Hour Court Dispute Nears Close

Tue, Nov 29, 2011

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The verdict is nearly in on Fun v Lawyers Spagnola v Roose, which will forever determine whether the wholesome pursuit of drinking to ridiculous excess will be forever tainted by corporate trademark. Ali Spagnola, alcohol-fueled artist, entrepreneur and owner of Binge Responsibly (a TriplePoint client), has issued an update on her ongoing court battle to “Save Power Hour.” For those of you unfamiliar with this excellent use of the legal system’s time, Spagnola helpfully sums up the case in this update:

  • “Power Hour” is a generic, un-trademarkable term for downing 60 shots of beer in one hour
  • Steven Roosetrademarked the term “Power Hour” for his own exclusive use in commercial products
  • He uses this arbitrary trademark as grounds for bullying other Power Hour purveyors web-wide
  • Really?

Apart from fighting the good fight for two years (and counting), Spagnola’s recent efforts have included the Save Power Hour Petition, which you should really sign, assuming you can see straight enough to type your name. Spagnola also sells the Shot Glass USB, a shot glass attached to a USB drive containing all 60 one-minute songs from her Power Hour Album, ideal for motivating your hour-long drinkathon.

Oh, by the way, Ali’s product is, in fact, patented (by the same US government who gave Steven Roose a trademark). #justsaying

Yes, Spagnola sells products with “Power Hour” in the name. But she doesn’t want to keep Roose from using the name — she just wants him to be cool and let everyone use the name. It’s, like, harmony and good times, okay? Don’t be a mean drunk, Steve. Chill out, have another shot, and let’s just relax.

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