PopCap and Nexon Utilizing Sometrics for Free In-Game Currency

Thu, May 13, 2010

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PopCap Games and Nexon, two prominent players in the casual free-to-play world have announced a partnership with Sometrics to use their system in order to offer players possible free currency and robust payment system in at least a few of their titles. Using Sometrics, players can complete targeted offer to earn virtual currency in many of their free-to-play titles. The offers that are presented to players include subscriptions, surveys and purchasing offers from brands such as Netflix, AT&T, Disney and more. In many cases, players can use these offers to acquire virtual money for free.

Sometrics CEO Ian Swansom commented on the move: “Sometrics couldn’t be happier lending our proven skill sets in offer-based solutions to the massive audiences behind the free-to-play games of Nexon and PopCap, and we’re sure their players will enjoy an easy, convenient way to earn in-game currency for free. The Sometrics Offer Solution platform is built for optimization, so we can deliver a variety of offers in the most efficient and effective way possible.”

PopCap has already implemented the system in the hugely popular Facebook game, Bejeweled Blitz. When purchasing virtual money, you are now given the option to accept offers from Microsoft, Netflix and Disney. Vice President of Social Games at PopCap, Michael Carpenter said “We’re excited about the revenue potential from Sometrics’ Offer Solution, this is an intriguing and potentially valuable partnership for us and a rewarding alliance for our customers.”

More options are definitely nice for those looking to get a little extra value out of their virtual currency.

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