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Fri, Sep 3, 2010

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Back in May, we took a look at Pubbles, a Facebook game launched by Japanese developer Ateam, Inc. Now months later, the developer has decided to expand the brand onto the iPhone with a title of the same name.

Pubbles for iPhone plays much like the Facebook original. The game is a bubble-popping puzzle game that asks you to tap on groups of three or more like-colored bubbles in order to pop them, thus making room for more colored bubbles to fall down the screen and into their place. The game board is setup like a grid of columns and rows, and if you can manage to destroy six or more bubbles in one tap, you’ll use those columns rows to create automatic lightning blasts, destroying nearby bubbles and giving you bonus points.

There are no social networks integrated through Pubbles – just two local leaderboards; one each for the game’s two different play modes. In Relax mode, you simply work to fill a meter at the top of the screen to complete each level, with each bubble destroyed adding to the total. Obviously, then, lightning blast explosions would fill the meter more quickly than popping bubbles in the traditional fashion, with lightning blasts themselves being “upgradable,” if you will, in that they are larger in size and scale with the more bubbles you pop at once, or if you can make a combo with the newly falling bubbles that take their place.

If you run out of moves in Relax mode, the game is over, and your score goes onto the Relax leaderboard mentioned above. The other gameplay mode is the Speed Pop mode, which gives you a limited amount of time to earn as many points as possible by frantically breaking bubbles. This mode is more about frantic action and luck than strategy, and you’ll want to keep popping bubble groups, no matter how large, in order to earn more points.

As you play through the game’s Relax mode, you’ll unlock new wallpapers that can be browsed through the app, and the coins system from the Facebook game makes a reappearance in this version as well, except, since you’re not controlling a mouse on-screen, you won’t have to do anything special to collect the coins – they will simply appear from within popped balloons and add to your total points automatically.

Pubbles is now available to download for 99 cents. If you’d like to give the game a try, head over to iTunes.

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