Pong Indie Developer Challenge is Down to 20 Pong Purveyors

Tue, May 1, 2012

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So, that Pong Indie Developer Challenge we told you about got a fair amount of entries. TriplePoint client Atari reports that 87 submissions got bounced their way, and despite their frantic paddle-moving skills, 20 of them managed to get past their best players. So, those 20 studios have now advanced to the semi-final round, where each entrant will have to actually make a working build of their proposed game, and then submit that. They’ve got just over a month to do so.

Yes, I’m aware the semi-finalists were not actually selected by playing Pong with them. I’m just saying it would have been cool if they were. The 20 remaining studios are:

  • Marc Goudet
  • Caldera Studios
  • Pegpeg
  • Kaazing
  • Delusions
  • Island Officials
  • Rafael Santillana
  • Andrew Sipotz
  • MadRuse Games
  • Fishbowl Productions, Inc.
  • zGames
  • Eppy Games
  • WorldHiveBrain
  • Producto Studios
  • Spantom Games
  • Autonomous Productions
  • Love at First Eye
  • SmugBee Games
  • Philosophy Major Studios
  • Meteo Studios

Who shall reach the final round, and who shall receive a thorough paddling?

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