PokerBuddy Pro Is The Ace Up Your Sleeve For Zynga Poker

Wed, Jul 28, 2010

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EV-Plus has just released PokerBuddy Pro, which looks to make your poker (mainly Zynga Poker) experience a bit more enjoyable by providing helpful advice and analysis. The key to providing good advice is by providing algorithmic and statistical analysis while allowing you to exercise your style. PokerBuddy presents itself by having a fictional buddy by your side that has their own personality, history and unique poker style.

PokerBuddy uses extremely smart artificial intelligence to determine the best move by using information learned from your hand of cards, cards in the flop, number of cards dealt and pot size; this information is aggregated and analyzed for use in the popular poker varient No Limit Texas Hold’-em. These pieces of information are filtered through the different play styles and that’s when the advice is given to you.

Along with providing straight-up advice, PokerBuddy does offer situational indicators to help out. The Hand Rank which will simply give you an idea of just how ‘good’ your hand is compared to all other possible hands. The example EV-Plus gave is “An Ace of Clubs with a 7 of clubs is statistically better than 88.1% of all other possible hands.” The Hand Rank dynamically changes as play continues, with a more  accurate rank given after the flop has been dealt. Your Stack helps you bet more intelligently by providing a best guess on whether or not additional cards from the deck could improve your hand.

Personality is another aspect in which PokerBuddy stays unique when compared to other poker advice programs. By having a set of three distinct personalities, each with their own names, backgrounds, home towns, and ages, it allows you to have a more personal connection with the advice given. The three personalities available are:

  1. Edward Bailey, nicknamed “The Hold’em Professor”- He plays tight-aggressive. This means you’ll wind up bailing out of a lot of hands until you can come away with some table clearing wins when it counts. His conservative style seems to be a clear byproduct of his Cambridge, game theory education.
  2. Karen Brown, nicknamed “Brown Sugar”- Karen has a versatile style, changing up between tight and loose depending on game flow. More of an observational player, Karen’s advice is meant to give you a psychological edge on your opponents.
  3. James Ford, nicknamed “Young-Gun Ford”- A loose and aggressive player, Ford relies on pushing the limits of possibility as far as statistical reason will allow.

When the time comes for some advice, the game window will illuminate the advisors yellow to signal that it’s time to use their advice and play. You can only pick from one advisor per turn, but can switch advisors on alternate turns to change up your style as need be.

As well as providing advice, PokerBuddy Pro is also a useful social tool that you can use to brag about your excellent hands to your friends. If you’ve got an excellent hand you want to share, you can click the Share button and brag about it on your wall.
With all of these excellent features, I would call PokerBuddy Pro an “ace in the  hole” of sorts when it comes to Zynga Poker. On top of the features discussed here, it also offers a last hand snapshot and direct access to the Zynga Poker lobby. Coming soon are new features such as buddy talk, an AI simulator, RePlayer to replay games with advice and results and stats based on your moves and games.
If you’d like to check it out for yourself, head over to and download it. The program is currently free.

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