Pocket God’s Pygmy Theme Available on iTunes

Fri, Jul 13, 2012

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If Pocket God has taught us anything, it’s that Pygmies are a remarkably fragile and unlucky people. There is very little that will not kill them in a variety of gruesome and/or hilarious ways. What you may not have known, however, is that Pygmies are also musically inclined, and, on occasion, can sound remarkably like singer-songwriter Parry Gripp. Gripp, the artist behind memorable hits like “Do You Like Waffles” and “Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom,” took time out from singing about how hungry he constantly is to compose the Pygmy Theme for the hapless Pocket God stars, featured in the recent Dance Dance Execution update. That theme is now available on iTunes for you to purchase and listen to anywhere, at any time, so you never have to stop thinking about new ways to harm those lovably immortal little twerps.

From the press release:

As irreverent as they are, the Pygmies have employed the help of equally irreverent (but in a good way!) musical sensation Parry Gripp, singer-songwriter and the brains behind Song of the Week. The result? A theme song taking the island by storm! Dubbed The Pygmy Theme, this collaboration between the Pygmies and Parry Gripp—okay, pretty much all composed by Parry Gripp with little Pygmy involvement — originally debuted in Episode 45: Dance Dance Execution, has been well received by the Pocket God community and, due to popular demand, is now available for download. The island chart-topper can be obtained through iTunes for $0.99, with appearances scheduled for Google Play, Amazon mp3, and Zune in the coming weeks.

You can download the song right over this way.

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