Pocket God Releases Episode 30: “Great Job Ice Hole!”

Wed, Jan 27, 2010

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Wow. Seriously, Pocket God? “Great Job Ice Hole!” is what you’re calling the latest release of your pygmy-torturing iPhone game? I mean, I know you technically don’t have an ESRB rating or anything, but… wow. I guess when you’re a two-million-seller, you can get away with these things.

Yes, folks, the latest update is now available, for free, to owners of Pocket God, published by TriplePoint client Bolt Creative. Racy puns aside, the new update adds even more terrible things for players to do to their hapless islanders. It’s now possible to pinch-zoom the sun itself — shrink it down to start an ice age and freeze your populace, or enlarge the ball of fire and cause cancer melt holes in the ice for fishing and giant squid attacks.

Pocket God, complete with all updates, is still just 99 cents at the App Store, here: Pocket God

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