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Thu, Sep 16, 2010

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With so many games being released on the iTunes app store, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with which ones you should or shouldn’t be playing on your iPhone. Thankfully, we have the review round-up to show you the best games available on the app store, complete with summaries and reviews from all around the web.

Pocket Frogs

Pocket Frogs is much like other social games, but instead of taking care of a farm or castle, you’re taking care of frogs that you must tame, breed and catalog. The game claims that there are over 10,000 possible unique frogs within the game, and with the emphasis on breeding I wouldn’t doubt it. A bit of gameplay variety manages to spice things up a bit, in that taming and breeding frogs is a meta-game of its own.

In their review, AppSpy said that Pocket Frogs is “just beautiful, with a lot of effort going in to the variety of backgrounds, the frogs themselves, additional items, and even the interface” and that “For the price of ‘free’ there’s no reason not to pick up Pocket Frogs, just don’t forget to feed yourself too.”

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Price: Free

Blaze: Fire Puzzle

Clearly not just your average puzzle game, Blaze: Fire Puzzle asks you to light up an object up to 50% by starting with just one, single flame. The tricky part comes in reality in that candles do not burn forever, and will eventually fizzle out.

In their review of the game, Slidetoplay said it was a bit of a relaxing change compared to other, more frantic puzzle games and that, if you have an iPhone 3GS or newer it’s definitely worth checking out.

Rating: 3 out of 4.

Price: $1.99.

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