PlayStation Set to Launch F2P Mercia: Fractured Realms

Tue, Aug 28, 2012

Console, Free-to-Play

The PlayStation Blog announced the platform’s first free-to-play RPG titled Mercia: Fractured Realms, and it appears to be arriving in just two days. Check out the trailer here.

On August 30, Playstation Home players can jump into a traditional-style RPG and choose between a Ranger, Fighter and Defender. It comes with all the RPG staples: Customize your armor to boost your stats, select your weapon from a variety of ranged and melee options and embark on a series of quests which net your player experience points. Fight monsters, explore dungeons, collect loot. Rinse and repeat.

We’ve seen this all before, and it’s still pretty fun to play. Why does the RPG model work so well? There’s something about inhabiting a life inside a digital realm, performing great deeds and receiving awards for your heroics. This kind of gaming elevates us out of our normal lives and into the fantastical, allowing us to be someone else for a few hours at a time.

And as a free-to-play game, what more can you ask for? If you get a chance to play this game, let us know your opinions about it in the comments below.

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