PlayStation Home Quite Profitable For Sony

Sun, Jul 4, 2010

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PlayStation Home hasn’t been a big talked about feature for Sony in quite some time. It was released with much fanfare a few years back, after tremendous hype. Unfortunately for many people, they just didn’t see the appeal. Regardless, apparently the Second-Life-esque game has found a niche with the PlayStation audience and has been a profitable venture for Sony (and will continue to be as they continue to earn year-over-year hardware sales growth).

“We haven’t talked too much about the platform itself, but what we have said is that every mature virtual item we have ever created has been profitable,” Buser said. “We’ve released over 5,000 virtual items on the platform, and we know that once those items reach maturity, they are profitable. So you see us creating a tremendous amount of virtual items, because it is such a high margin business for us to be in,” Jack Buser, Sony’s PlayStation Home director told Gamasutra.

Buser also talked up Home’s traditional game integration, specifically with BioShock 2 and Red Dead Redemption. “We’ll also see games build out extensions to narrative, such as what you saw in BioShock 2. It’s this whole idea of expanding the world of your favorite games inside home. That’s another big pillar of our strategy moving forward.”

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