Playfish’s DeHalleux on Next-Generation Facebook Games

Sun, May 16, 2010

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Sebastien DeHalleux, vice president of business development and strategic partnerships at EA Interactive (which houses Playfish), sat down with Dean Takahashi of VentureBeat to discuss the next generation of Facebook games coming down the pipeline.

Understandably, DeHalleux is bullish on the prospect for these new titles, saying that “we are going to try to change the rules for the better so that the consumer finds a better experience on the social gaming platform. You follow the industry closely. You know that people have asked if social games are really games. Now we have a billion-dollar video game franchise [FIFA Superstars] coming to Facebook.”

Takahashi notes that other branded attempts have failed to work on Facebook in the past, but DeHalleux brushed these concerns aside.

“The trick is not to rely on the brand itself, but rely on what the brand means to users. People play FIFA because they identify with specific players and teams and want to talk about the sport that they love. The trick is to use the brand assets — 9,000 real-life athletes that we have rights for in games — and build a meaningful exchange between fans and the athletes. The trick is not to launch a role-playing game with a brand and hope it works. It won’t. You have to understand what the brand means to users,” DeHalleux said, adding that players shouldn’t “expect a straight port of a game,” when it comes to branded titles.

There’s some other interesting bits in the interview that you can peruse over at VentureBeat.

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