Playfish Increases Restaurant City Level Cap to 70

Mon, May 17, 2010

Restaurant City, Social

Playfish has announced two updates to Restaurant City that are sure to make the game’s hardcore players very excited. First, they’ve added new levels, raising the level cap from 65 to 70, giving everyone who had previously maxed out their totals another goal to shoot for.

Second, they’ve added another reward for leveling up. When you do so, you’ll receive a free ingredient. As you can see from the screen at left, a free Cream was given out for level 59, but whether or not these ingredients are randomly assigned or are set to each level (that is, whether or not every user who reaches a new level will receive the same ingredient) has yet to be determined. We’ll be sure to let you know when we found out!

For now, though, head over to the game’s page to see how close you are to leveling up!

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