PlayFish Gaming Updates: Hotel City Crimson Room, A Monkey Comes to Country Story, & New Pet Society Free Gifts

A few of PlayFish’s games have been updated, with new updates coming to Hotel City, Country Story, and Pet Society. For Hotel City, you can add a new themed room to your hotel, while a helper monkey in Country Story will make tend to your crops so that you don’t have to. Finally, some new free gifts in Pet Society will allow you to show your friends that your really care.

Add a Crimson Room to Your Hotel City Resort

A new “exclusive” room has been added to Hotel City in the from of the Crimson Room. The room costs a whopping 70,500 coins to purchase, but its value is equally high, as the room will earn you both 216 coins every hour, and 216 Hotel Points, the game’s experience points.

While the Crimson Room is the main item Playfish has decided to publicize recently, via the game’s fan page on Facebook, while you’re in the game, make sure to take a look at the new Sky Room, another exclusive offering that both costs less and earns less. It costs 50,500 coins to add to your hotel, and you’ll earn 192 coins and Hotel Points per hour.

Also, a whole slew of decorative items have been added to the game’s store, with new wallpapers, wall tiles, three new beds, a chair and more all being available to purchase, mostly for coins.

Make sure to head over to the game’s page on Facebook to pick up any of these new items, or to add either Exclusive Room to your hotel.

Hire A Helper Monkey in Country Story

If you’re tired of clicking on each individual plot of land in Country Story to harvest your crops, you’ll be happy to know that you can now hire Jeb, the Helper Monkey, to do that task for you, along with clearing all of the weeds that appear after you harvest.

To be absolutely clear, a purchase of Jeb isn’t actually permanent – rather, you’re literally hiring the Monkey to work for you for a certain amount of days, purchased in week-long chunks, and the longer you hire him, the better deal you receive on your purchase.

For seven days of work, you’ll pay 7 Playfish Cash. For 14 days, or two weeks, you’ll pay 12 Playfish Cash, and finally, for 21 days, or three weeks straight, you’ll pay 15 Playfish Cash. For that price, Jeb will not only harvest all of your crops instantly, but he’ll also clear all of your weeds and can even sell your produce at a higher price.

Don’t worry though – you’ll still gain all of your experience points and points to complete quests that you would had you been clicking on each square yourself. Sounds like a pretty good setup, right? If so, head over to the game’s page to hire your very own monkey.

Send Your Friends New Free Gifts in Pet Society

If you know that you have a friend in Pet Society that likes collecting the game’s free gifts, make sure to play the game soon, as two new items are now available to send to your neighbors. The two items are the Strawberry Cone Hat (it looks as though someone has dropped an ice cream cone on the ground), and the Pelican Plushie, which will look great on the shelves of the many plushie (stuffed animal) collectors in the game.

There’s no saying when these two items will leave the free gifts page, but in recent months, Playfish has increased the turn-around rate significantly (meaning that items aren’t available as long as they once might have been, had they been released before the switch). That being the case, make sure to head over to the game’s page sooner, rather than later, to help your friends get their virtual paws on both items.

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