Playfish Continues Under the Sea Theme in Restaurant City With New Items

Thu, Jun 3, 2010

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It’s another Thursday in Restaurant City, but the item theme hasn’t changed, so we bring you a second consecutive week of new Under the Sea themed items.

As Playfish has already released more than enough underwater and ocean themed items in the game to keep most users happy, this week’s releases contain mostly decorations and functional items, rather than new tables, chairs, wallpapers, flooring and the like (of which there are none).

As for those items available for coins, you can pick up a Lobster, Mini Rock Geyser, Underwater Cave, Giant Clam, and three members of a fish band: Frankie the Clarinet Player, Lenny the Singer, and Yuriy the Bass Player. Other items include a Seashell Toilet and Seashell Sink.

There are also quite a few Playfish Cash items to choose from, including a Moving Deep Sea Picture (and underwater view with animated fish) for 10 Playfish Cash, a Sunken Ruins Arch that guests can walk underneath for 7 Playfish Cash, the final member of the Fish Band – Tommy the Drummer – for 8 Playfish Cash, a Seashell Drink Dispenser that serves drinks 15% faster for 12 Playfish Cash, a Pet Sea Horse that swims around your restaurant for 16 Playfish Cash, and even a money making item: an Oyster Farm that is available to purchase for 8 Playfish Cash, and which collects 400 coins every 4 hours.

Also be sure to look at the game’s free gifts menu for the addition of a new item: a Hermit Crab decoration which can be sent to friends in the game – just make sure to ask nicely if you’d like to receive one back from said friends.

There you have it – another week, another set of Under the Sea items. We’re guessing the theme will change next week, but whatever it may be, we’ll be sure to bring you all of the news when the items are announced. In the meantime, head over to the game’s page to start shopping for any of these new items.

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