Playfish Celebrates Mother’s Day in Hotel City with New Items

Thu, May 6, 2010

Hotel City, Social

Playfish has added a few items to Hotel City in celebration of the upcoming Mother’s Day holiday. However, these aren’t decorative items that you can buy from the store, no sir (or ma’am, if you prefer) – these are two new items that are available to send to friends via the game’s free gifts menu.

The two items come in the form of Mother’s Day heart pillow, and a large purple heart with “Mom” written on it. To send the items to your friends, you’ll simply click on the item and then choose the friends that you’d like to send it to.

As Hotel City’s gift requests don’t tell you the name of the item that you’re sending, if you want these items in return, you’ll likely have to specifically ask your Hotel City neighbors to send them to you. Either way, head over to the game’s page on Facebook to start sending these two gifts to your friends while they are still available.

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