Playfish Adds Free Llama, Tree Fertilizer to Country Story

Fri, May 21, 2010

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I hope you earned your free Ostrich in Country Story by accumulating the 50 tokens necessary to receive one, as, if not, your chance is now gone. Fear not though, dear reader, for all hope of free animals in Country Story is not lost – you’re just now working towards a free Pink Llama rather than an Ostrich.

Earning the free Pink Llama works in much the same way as earning the Ostrich – you’ll need to accumulate 30 tokens to trade in for one Llama, with tokens being available as free gifts on the the game’s free gifts menu. Unfortunately, unless you have a massive amount of Country Story neighbors, it will be quite difficult for your smaller amount of friends to send you all of the necessary tokens in the apparently limited amount of time the Llama will be available. One great thing is that any tokens you earned in the hopes of redeeming them for a free Ostrich will continue to be used for this free animal, meaning that you’re at least not starting out from scratch.

In other game news, Playfish has added a second kind of fertilizer to the game in the form of Tree Fertilizer. Tree Fertilizer works in the same way as crop fertilizer, only instead of making one square of your farmland instantly ready to harvest, it causes a tree to grow to maturity and bear its fruit in a matter of seconds.

Such convenience doesn’t come cheap, as it costs 1 Playfish Cash for a single bag of the Fertilizer, which is available in three other quantities as well – 6 for 5 Playfish Cash, 13 for 10 Playfish Cash, and 37 for 25 Playfish Cash.

To see how many tokens you need to earn the llama, or to start purchasing some Tree Fertilizer, head over to the Country Story game page on Facebook.

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