Playfish Adds Bathroom Fixtures to Hotel City

Wed, May 19, 2010

Hotel City, Social

Think for a moment about all of the available rooms in Hotel City – the bar, restaurant, movie theater, arcade, and even the guest rooms themselves. Now think of the one important room type that’s missing. I’ll give you a hint – every building has at least one, and you use it everyday. Give up? It’s the bathroom of course, and Playfish has finally rectified the situation by adding a set of bathroom fixtures to the game.

The items come in the form of a bathtub, toilet and sink, each of which costs 4 Playfish Cash.

Furthermore, a fairly random set of new items are also available to purchase – new wallpapers, hanging ceiling lights, a Jackson Pollock inspired bed and more. Some of these items, like the new Alcove wallpaper, go for Playfish Cash (that particular item calls 4 Playfish Cash) while others, like the Pollock inspired bed, go for coins (6,500 in that example).

Head over to the game’s page to add either the bathroom fixtures or any of these new decorations to your hotel.

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