PlayFirst Reveals What’s in the Water: A Narwhal with a Deli

Thu, Apr 25, 2013

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So, two things we learned today on PlayFirst’s mysterious and bizarre What’s in the Water blog, where we’ve previously learned really worrisome things about sandwiches: first off, this has all been leading up to a game called Deep Sea Deli, which is out today, and it’s free. In a press release, TriplePoint client PlayFirst describes this underwater sandwich-making game as “all about skill and careful sandwich-smithing,” as handled by a new character named Narly the Narwhal. So, first off, now we know what has become of all those sunken cold cuts. There’s a trailer to explain more:

Did you catch the last point they make in the trailer? That’s the second important thing we’ve learned – waterproof bread. Finally, I understand how this is all feasible! If the bread is waterproof, then of course someone would want to throw it in the water in the first place, to prove a point, and then the crab would of course find it so fascinating, and – it all makes sense now.

That was quite an ordeal. But, don’t let this newfound relief make you complacent — there’s still a trip to Hawaii to be won.

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