Player Unlocks Strategy for Fast Leveling in Mafia Wars

Thu, Feb 11, 2010

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In my mind, a lot of the fun with games like Mafia Wars is in the playing of the game with peers. There’s something incredibly satisfying in playing the games with friends, especially when those friends started playing the game at around the same time, since you can share in your various experiences, offer advice and tricks over things that worked or those that didn’t, share items, and work for a common goal.

Sure, unlocking each game’s many achievements has a subtle draw, but the act of simply achieving them should be where the fun of the game really comes from, not in looking at a full cabinet of rewards that you found were torturous to earn.

Apparently there are many who think otherwise, as has heard news of a Mafia Wars player who was so impatient to level up, earn rewards, and blow everything or everyone else out of the proverbial water, that they, for a lack of a better term, “broke” the game.

After doing a bit of research, and using the game against itself, the player was able to level up past his friends who had been playing the game for weeks or even months in just a matter of days. While there’s nothing technically wrong with doing such a thing, as everything he needed to accomplish it was already in the game, waiting to be taken advantage of, it still doesn’t seem right to me. However, in the interest of fair play, for all who wish to share in his quick leveling technique, here are the three main things you’ll need to pull it off:

  • Get your Mafia to 500 members as quickly as possible: There are entire recruiting groups devoted to accomplishing this task, but think long and hard before inviting a bunch of strangers onto your real Facebook account.
  • Use the Fearless character type. The health regeneration bonus may seem rather useless, but Fearless characters have one key hidden talent…
  • Get promoted to “Top Mafia Wheelman” status by a member of your Mafia. This reduces the energy needed for each mission, and gives a small chance to complete missions without expending any energy at all. This is your ticket to quick leveling without waiting for your energy to fill back up.
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