Playdom Releases New Set of Social City Items

Mon, Mar 22, 2010

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Playdom has added a set of new buildings and free gifts to their new city simulator Social City.

The new free gifts come in the form of a Happy Panda statue, a Log Hut (which produces 75 citizens every 6 hours), and two new flower patches: one pink, and one blue.

Meanwhile, the game’s construction menu has also seen the release of new items. In the Residential tab, you can pick up a Luxury Condo item for 60 City Bucks, and an Italian Villa, which is unlocked at level 21. The Luxury Condo gives off 300 citizens every 20 minutes, and is constructed in a single minute (the small waiting time is associated with the item’s premium status). You’ll receive 815 experience points for purchasing it. The Italian Villa will reward you with 1600 experience points at the time of purchase, and gives off 500 citizens every 2 hours.

On the Leisure tab, you’ll find a Daily News building that is unlocked at level 19, which gives off 7500 points of happiness, a Trifle Tower that is priced at 70 City Bucks and rewards you with 20,000 happiness points, a Ferris Wheel that costs 30 City Bucks and comes with 8,000 happiness points, and finally, a Royal Casino that unlocks at level 23, and gives off 18,000 happiness points.

Head over to the game’s page to add any of these new items to your city.

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