Playdom Releases Fanglies, A Virtual Pet Game, on Facebook

Wed, Jul 7, 2010

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Just days after releasing Pet Resort on Facebook, Playdom has released yet another new Facebook game, also concerning animals, in the form of Fanglies.
Fanglies is the combination of a city-builder and a simulation game like the Sims. You’ll start by creating your own Fanglie, either male or female, and can choose it’s outfit, features and name. You’ll also be able to customize its personality with three likes and three dislikes.

From there, you’ll be taken through a short tutorial, introducing you to the concept of adding new buildings, picking weeds, and adding new Fanglies to your town (you purchase them from the store). You can then head inside and decorate your home, Sims style, but adding new furniture and decorations.

You can cook on the stove, making food for your energy count, or you can click on your individual Fanglies to have them perform a certain action, like read the paper, laugh, or think about the town.

You can collect items like shells for item collections, and can expand both your outside land area and your den to hold more items. As you expand, you’ll have room for more buildings, which can either produce items to sell, or items to keep. For instance, your first task will be to build a dining room chair, that can then be sold for 25 coins, or kept for use in your home.

If Fanglies sounds interesting to you, make sure to head over to the game’s page to give the game a try. Before you go through, check out our Frisky Hands-On of the game to get a better idea of what to expect from the game’s first few levels.

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