Playdom Introduces Charms to Treetopia

Mon, May 24, 2010

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Last week, we took a look at Playdom’s newest Facebook game Treetopia. The game sees you creating a lush tropical landscape, complete with happy villagers and a quest system that really hasn’t been seen in this sort of Facebook game setting before.

As your progress relies on not only your villagers’ happiness, but also on the amount of resources and beads (the game’s currency) you can collect, Playdom has introduced the concept of Charms to the game. For those familiar with Playdom’s titles Tiki Resort or Tiki Farm, Charms will be familiar with you, but for those just joining us, Charms are bonus power-ups of sorts, that, when activated, will trigger some sort of enhancement on your land. In the case of Tiki Resort, your tourists may spend more money, as an example.

Here in Treetopia, there are two Charms available thus far, and the first comes in the form of a Charm of Time, which decreases the collection time on a building by 10%. It costs 250 beads to purchase.

The second Charm is available via the game’s free gifts menu, and is a Charm of Riches. This Charm rewards you with double the resources for each villager that visits a particular building.

It’s highly likely that Playdom will release more Charms to Treetopia in the future, but for now, head over to the game’s page on Facebook to take advantage of these first two.

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