Playdom Has Tweaked Some Social City Items

Tue, Mar 23, 2010

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Playdom has hinted at some tweaks that have been made to a few of the buildings and items in Social City over on the game’s fan page. Most notably, the lone man that used to be sitting atop the game’s water tower has been joined by a friend. Not only that, but they seem to be enjoying a romantic picnic, complete with checked blanket and floating heart above their heads.

Elsewhere, the movie theater now has people standing outside of it, and it appears that they are taking pictures of a celebrity who is walking towards the theater on a red carpet. The people animate with camera flashes and it appears the celebrity is waving to the crowd. If only the items in the game were larger, we’d know exactly what was going on.

We look forward to seeing what other small design changes Playdom will implement in the game in the future. For now, though, let us know if you spot any other changes – how has your city changed since you started playing the game?

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  • Ruth

    what about the loading issues? and the constant synchronizing of the game on FB? I can't count the number of contracts that I have lost by not being able to load and keep the game running right.

  • Aubrie

    Who cares about the small design tweaks? Social City reloads every ten seconds and can't stay in sync. A game that looks nice, but doesn't run, makes no sense.

  • Kate Hancock

    We've all been trying to get into the game, and having similar issues
    (you're not alone)! We'll give Playdom the benefit of the doubt, as server
    issues are tough when you first start a game – even if they should (always)
    be resolved as quickly as possible. Don't give up hope yet! Hopefully our
    next Social City news item will be about improved servers – we'll hold off
    on the design tweaks til then. Fair enough?

  • anon

    the guy on the watertower in my town is hanging off and the girl is holding on to him! is he going to fall off and die? how do iget him back on top??

  • Kate Hancock

    The people on the water tower are decorative only – don't worry, they aren't going to fall off and die! You can't “get him back on top” but Playdom has updated the graphics a few times now so perhaps the tiny water tower people will move again soon :)

  • Brandy Shaul

    Maybe the people in the Fire Station will come to rescue him! :-P