Playdom Gaming Updates: New Social City Buildings, Tiki Farm Mother Goose Items, and Tiki Resort Wonders

Mon, Jul 26, 2010

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Playdom has been hard at work updating their games over the last few days, and we’re here to share all of that news with you! In Social City, we see the release of new limited edition buildings in the game’s newspaper, while Tiki Farm contains a new Charm that will help you rescue you crops after a long absence. Finally, Tiki Resort now offers new Wonders that have some interesting effects on your tourists.

New Social City Limited Edition Buildings: Go Karts, Turreted Victorian Home & More

There are three new limited edition buildings in Social City, each of which are available to purchase via the game’s newspaper. The three items are the PMG Go Karts!, an animated Go Kart track with three cars, the Turreted Victorian Home, and the Park Place Apartments.

The Go Kart track is the only Leisure item, available to purchase for 45 City Bucks. For this fairly high price, you’ll receive 50,000 Happiness Points for your town.

Meanwhile, the Turreted Victorian Home can be purchased for 16 City Bucks. It will provide you with 1,200 citizens every two days. Finally, the Park Place Apartments are available for 35 City Bucks, and will give off 2,500 new citizens every 40 hours – that’s 1 day and 16 hours, for those keeping track.

All of these buildings are available in quantities of at least 3,900, with the Go Karts being by far the most limited. Make sure to head over to the game’s page to purchase any that interest you while they’re still available.

New Tiki Farm Items Celebrate Mother Goose

That’s right – the newest item theme in Tiki Farm is Mother Goose. Don’t be alarmed by the …bizarre theme, as this set actually contains some fairly clever decorations for your island paradise.

Five of the items are available in the game’s store, while two others are available on the free gifts page. The store items are the Hickory Dickory, a grandfather clock available for 69 Facebook Credits ($6.90 US), 3 Blind Mice, available for 99 Facebook Credits ($9.90), Diddle Diddle for 5,000 Shells, Humpty Dumpty for 7,000 Shells, and a Woman in Shoe item for 20,000 Shells.

The Hickory Dickory and the 3 Blind Mice are limited time only items, available in quantities of at least 3200.

If these prices are too much for your virtual (or real world) wallet, you can also send two free gifts to friends in the hopes that they’ll return the favor. These items are the BaBa Black Sheep and the Mother Goose.

Head over to the game’s page to purchase any of these items.

New Tiki Resort Wonders Now Available

It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen a new Wonder released in Tiki Resort, but now we actually have two new Wonders to talk about, in addition to a new series of Wonder Points.

The two new Wonders are the Salsa Wonder and the Deep Sea Wonder. Both can be purchased with a combination of Wonder Points, Charms, and Shells or can be purchased outright for Facebook Credits. In the case of the Salsa Wonder, you’ll need 50 Wonder Points, 120 Coconut Drink charms and 1.5 million Shells or 250 Facebook Credits, the equivalent of $25.00 US.

Meanwhile, for the Deep Sea Wonder, you’ll need 50 Wonder Points, 80 Pineapple Charms and 1.35 million Shells, or 79 Facebook Credits, the equivalent of $7.90 US.

So, what exactly are Wonder Points? To put it most simply, Wonder Points can be thought of as a third system of currency in the game, that are developed by the three original Wonders in the game – the Pineapple, Drink, and Lei Wonders – which, in bulk, allow you to earn these new Wonders, as seen above.

To make Wonders more desirable, all of them have been updated to provide silly and creative upgrades to your tourists. The Salsa Wonder will dress your tourists in fun dance outfits, the Deep Sea Wonder will dress them in an outfit ready for adventure, the Pineapple Wonder will give them pineapple hats, the Drink Wonder will give them tasty beverages to carry around, and the Lei Wonder outfits all of your tourists in a flower lei.

This is a fairly large update, which might take some getting used to. That being the case, head over to the game’s page to start becoming acclimated to the new system of Wonder Points before the system becomes even more complex.

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