Playdom Cross-Promotes Social City in Tiki Farm

Wed, Mar 31, 2010

Social, Social City

Playdom is offering a cross-promotional item to Tiki Farm players, in the hopes that they’ll try out the company’s newest game, Social City, in order to earn it.

Tiki Farm players who create a Social City that grows to a population of more than 5,000 citizens will receive a free Fig Tree for use in Tiki Farm.

Once you reach 5,000 citizens, just head back to your farm, and you’ll receive the following pop-up, alerting you that your free Fig Tree is waiting for you in your gift box.

This isn’t the first promotion Playdom has offered between Social City and another of its games, as last week, the developer started offering a free fountain in Tiki Resort for those who played Social City (and, coincidentally enough, reached the same citizen limit). Play both Tiki Farm and Tiki Resort? That’s two free items for completing the same task – sounds pretty good to me.

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  • gates1588

    What the heck? Where did all my factories go in Social City? Was up to 7 and they just disappeared overnight.

  • Brandy Shaul

    My suggestion would be to refresh the page and see if they're there when the game reloads. Actually, that seems to be the solution for most every problem in Social City – refresh and hope for the best. Let's hope that Playdom takes a look at these issues soon!

  • gates1588

    Brandy -

    Thanks for the courtesy of a reply. Regretfully I tried that option a
    couple of times without success. It does seem to be an easy fix by Playdom
    for future gamers.

    As for me, I'll just go from here and play on. It's a bit like life itself.
    Sometimes you take a few steps back because of something entirely out of
    your control.

    Thanks again,

  • Kate Hancock

    Deep and so very true – thanks for such a thoughtful perspective, Mike!

  • gates1588

    Kate -

    Does Playdom have direct access to the comments from your site (and others)
    or is there a better way to bring the issue to their attention?

    Mike Gates