Playdom Attempts Cross-Promotion Between Social City and Big City Life

Tue, May 4, 2010

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Have you played Playdom’s newest title Big City Life yet? How about Social City? If you play the latter, let me fill you in on a new cross-promotional event Playdom is holding in the city-simulator, publicizing their new take on the “Mafia Wars / complete jobs with energy” ideology.

For all Social City users who create an account within Big City Life and reach level 8 with their character, they will receive a free Leisure building in Social City in the form of a Shoe Store. Before you scoff at the stipulation here, reaching level 8 in Big City Life can be accomplished in as little as two sittings.

Simply head over to the Big City Life game page on Facebook and start playing. After completing the brief tutorial, you’ll be set loose in the game proper. Simply pick some of the jobs with the most experience points rewards and by the time you actually run out of Energy Points, you’ll likely be around level 6 (the refills you’ll receive by leveling up your character will keep you going to this point).

Wait a few hours for your energy to replenish in the game, come back and repeat the process until you reach level 8. Voila, you’ve just earned a free building for your Social City.

Luckily, the pause between you reaching level 8 and the spawning of the item in your Social City gift box is almost nonexistent, and you’ll almost instantly be able to place your new building in town. It gives off 1,000 Happiness Points to your town, making it great for lower level players, and simply a nice boost to the totals found in already substantial cities.

Let us know your thoughts on this new cross-promotion in the comments – Are you willing to play Big City Life long enough to earn the new building, or are the free Happiness Points not worth your time?

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