Playdom Announces Social City Bug Fixes and New Items

Sun, Apr 11, 2010

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Over on the Social City fan page, Playdom has announced a large update for Social City, that included some (much needed, and much desired) bug fixes, along with new items in the store.

The bug fixes have actually been given some minor details this time around, and we’ve learned that Playdom has worked on loading issues, memory issues, and stopping error messages. Additionally, to help the game run more smoothly, you can choose to turn off building and item animations (like the ongoing saga atop the Water Tower).

Even on a fast rig, putting this change into action caused an instant improvement in the speed of the game, at least from my experience – it picked up on my cursor movements more accurately, and didn’t take as long to visit all of my friends’ towns, especially those at a high level (as they, in theory, have a lot of items to load upon a visit).

In terms of the item update, you can buy a Japan Cottage for 10,000 coins, that produces 55 citizens every two hours, a larger Japan House that produces 80 citizens in the same amount of time, and costs 25,000 coins, and a Japan Family Home which is even larger still, setting you back 20 City Bucks, and rewarding you with 300 citizens every 4 hours.

Additionally, on the Leisure tab, you can build a Shinto Shrine for 110,000 coins (it gives off 6800 Happiness Points), and a Buddhist Temple that gives off 35,000 Happiness Points, but comes with an equally extraordinary cost of 70 City Bucks.

Continuing in the Japanese item theme, the Terrain tab offers a lovely Zen Garden (3,500 Happiness Points) for 100,000 coins and a Koi Pond (16,000 Happiness Points) for 50 City Bucks.

Finally, you can send your friends a Lucky Cat statue on the game’s free gifts page.

Head over to your own city to see if you notice any improvements concerning loading issues, or to just add some of these new items to your town.

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