Playdom Adds “Districts” to Social City

Tue, May 25, 2010

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Even though the average building in Social City isn’t very large, many users (especially those without the neighbor counts necessary to purchase land expansions) have simply run out of space. What with the amount of new buildings Playdom releases on a weekly basis, and the intricate designs one can make with city streets, forest plots and the like – it’s easy to find your city suddenly lacking in free space.

In comes Playdom to the rescue, with the addition of Districts to the title. First, upon logging into the game, you’ll notice that the information across the top of the screen has changed visually, and that a new grid-like button now rests under your town’s population information (see the screenshot at left). This button represents your town map, and once clicking on it, you’ll be taken to an incredibly zoomed out view of your town, which sits in the middle of a 3×3 grid (meaning that there are 8 squares surrounding it).

These eight squares represent eight districts that are named in terms of the cardinal directions (North, East, South, and so on), with your previously created town representing “Downtown.”

As of right now, only the Southeast district is available to purchase (trying to click on any of the others lets you know that they’re “locked”). The Southeast district is a 9×9 grid, and is available to purchase for 100,000 coins (you’ll receive 30 experience points for purchasing it and can share the news on your wall).  What’s more is that the district itself can be expanded – the first option will expand your land to 11×11 for either 5 City Bucks or 2,500 coins (should you have 15 neighbors).

Once you enter your new district, you’ll see that it comes complete with four free items from the Fir Forest family of terrain decorations, which can either be put away in storage, sold, or kept, just as any other item in the game can.

Before you go rushing over to the game’s page to purchase this addition, know that there are some very important stipulations that come along with district. Each district has its own population and its own Happiness Points total, but money, gifts and factories are shared between the lot of them. What this means is that you’ll be able to create truly themed sections of your city – an industrial zone anchored by factories, a peaceful suburb filled with residential buildings, a commercial center filled with shops – you get the idea.

We’ll be sure to let you know when more districts become available in Social City, but until then, head over to the game’s page to purchase this first one. What do you plan on doing with it?

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  • Trilln451

    The new districts are nice but they are apparently isolated from one another! It's disappointing because I want the roads to go through to connect them & see them next to each other.

  • Michaela Milatova

    I have the same issue with that. Is it possible to connect districts together?

  • mike hunt

    id say its in the makings but before they connect them id like to see all 9 districts unlocked and then connectable (and not for those social city bux either who would pay cash for a free game? lol)