Playdom Adds a Slew of Second Island Attractions to Tiki Resort

Mon, May 24, 2010

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If you’re a Tiki Resort player, who happens to own a second island in the game, I have got some downright fantastic news for you. Developer Playdom went hard to work last weekend adding new attractions to the game, that are exclusive to users’ second island – but they didn’t add just one or two; no, in total there are 32 new buildings that you can add to your island, apparently including all of the structures that you’ll upgrade the starter buildings into.

There are buildings here like an Adobe Eats restaurant on wheels, a Two-Holes Kayaking vehicle, and a Balloon Port (which range in price from 28,000 to 36,000 coins), while you can also choose from attractions like the premium Historical Ruins (unlocked at level 17 or for 149 Facebook Credits), and La Cucaracha Club (which unlocks at level 18 or for 170 Facebook credits).

Want to browse through the complete selection of new attractions? Remember, you’ll need to be the owner of a second island in order to purchase any of them, with the second island being available to purchase for 250,000 coins. Head over to the game’s page to either purchase that island, or to start shopping for any of these new attractions.

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